Quantities of Towels

Towel shopping is a taxing endeavor, especially when buying at wholesale or in bulk. JiNan Wintex has a wide selection of towels and linens in quality and bulk quantities. These towels are reasonably priced to ensure there is something for everyone. You will get the exact fabric and quality you want.

Buying towels and linens in large quantities is the most economical selection. With these tips for choosing towels, you will navigate the huge range of bulk towels like a pro.

Buying Towels in Bulk

Finding and buying deluxe and premium towels is daunting, but the process will save you some bucks. For a successful selection, follow these tips:

Towel Fabric Can Make a Huge Difference

Towels are made from various fabrics. The most common materials include;
  • Cotton – This is the most popular and common fabric with fluffy and downy fiber. Towels made from this material are soft and will keep you warm. Cotton towels are made of 100% cotton with a few traces of polyester.

  • Velour – It's a woven or knitted material with excellent stretchable properties. It has a similar feel to velvet.

  • Terrycloth – The fabric has an incredible absorbent ability, thanks to the looped fabric.

  • The heavy fabric - which is commonly cotton, maintains a high level of quality and durability. The premium towels are incredibly soft with a thicker density and include knitting and weaving techniques. Heavy material cotton towels are ideal for luxurious hotels and resorts.

Consider the Effect of Color

When you were setting up your business, you must have considered the design and color of the storefront design, the logo, and interior decorating. Even when you're buying towels in bulk, you should consider the color effects it will have on your clients.
  • Red - Red is a popular color that is invigorating and stimulating. It's used in drawing attention. It helps in boosting memory, and clients will feel renewed with every visit.

  • Orange – This is an enthralling, friendly, and colorful color, often used in decorating a room. It gives a playful element that uplifts the spirit. Orange also invokes courage, and it's associated with high energy. If you want to uplift the mood of your clients, then consider buying orange towels.

  • Blue – Blue is highly thought of as a trustworthy and dependable color. Blue is seen as a naturally calm tone that has a relaxing and calming effect. Deeper blues boost personal thoughts and help in deep understanding.

  • Green – Green is the nature color that tends to have refreshing and tranquil properties. The colors boost creativity and minimize stress. You can use this color of towels in the spa and salon.

  • White – White is pure, neutral, and clean. It adds a touch of class.

  • Yellow – The bright color inspires happiness, creativity, and optimism. A yellow towel can be the best thing in setting a mood in a hotel room.

  • Purple – Purple is a mixture of red and blue. The combination of calm from blue and stimulation from red attracts high-energy. the color calms the nerves and mind while promoting creative.

With these colors, you will know what you want to deliver to clients. Choose a color that relates to your brand and ensure it provides an uplifting mood.

Consider Your Industry

When you're buying towels in large quantities, you need to consider your line of business. Your business type will determine the choice you make.
  • Hotels – When it comes to hotels, you have lots of facilities that need large quantities of towels. From bathroom to gyms and pools, you would need to invest in the bulk purchasing process.

  • Salons and Spas – If you have ventured into the beauty industry, you would require bleach-resistant washcloths and hand towels. You need to purchase towels that will not get affected by various hair coloring properties.

  • Bars and Restaurants – Absorbency is a necessity when it comes to restaurant and bar towels. From polishing glasses, wiping the tables, washing dishes, bar, and restaurant towels are subjected to various uses.

Buy from a Reliable Company

reliable towel company will deliver quality towels for your business. in addition to reliability, a trusted company will deliver your towels on time and in the desired material. You will also enjoy professional and stellar services.

With these tips, buying towels in large quantities becomes a seamless process.